Management and Recruitment

Why use recruitment assistancy ?

Recruitement Assistancy is a way to assess the skills and abilities of your candidates. Two options are made available to you :

the CV-Test  and the more complete recruitment Analysis.

Will your candidate meet your expectations ?

  • The Recruitment assistant approach is neutral, the candidate is never present during the analysis of the document.
  • No feelings, no impressions, no bias.
  • Only the connection between the description of the position to be filled and the candidate's profile is analyzed and matched.
  • Provides a rapid and synthetic overview of the candidate's personality, his/her strong and weak points with respect to the position being available.


It is a decision-making tool. The CV-test reveals fundamental aspects such as:

  • intellectual skills
  • personality structure
  • suitability or not for the position being available

It is also an aid for the recruiter during his/her interviews, the CV-test enabling him/her to:

  • steer the interview
  • compare his/her feelings with the candidate's outlook
  • bring out certain specificities undetected at first glance.

Required tools :

  • An accurate job description
  • A resumé with Photo
  • The date of birth
  • The place of birth

Note : Learning writing methods, education are different in each country.

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This thorough study provides an in-depth approach to the candidate's personality, such as:

  • the candidate's type of intelligence
  • his/her capacity for initiative or achievement
  • his/her behavior in society
  • his/her communication skills
  • his/her capacity for commitment
  • his/her degree of authority
  • his/her ability to deal with responsibility

As an an aid to the HR and to the Company Manager, this recruitment  analysis allows :

  • To orient or re-orient at an internal level within the company
  • To solve a problem with a staff member
  • To investigate the causes of a sudden change within the team
  • To recruit a candidate whose skills the recruiter is  aware of
  • To look for specificities not addressed during the interviews

Required tools : Identical to those of the CV-test

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